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We are multi-faceted human beings. We have our thinking capacity, our emotional experience and we live in a physical body. Many people also pay attention to their spiritual life too. We need to learn how to connect with and manage each of these aspects of our being if we are to experience wellbeing and satisfaction. Psychology that has an holistic focus takes all of these aspects of our life into consideration.



Many people find themselves at the mercy of their thinking with rumination or intrusive thoughts being a problem. Rather than being run by our thoughts, therapy can assist us to have our thinking serve us, not the other way around.


Most of us receive very little education about our emotions and so we expend a lot of energy trying to avoid painful feelings. I encourage people to come to an acceptance of their own inner emotional experience and develop emotional self-mastery so they can become more balanced and emotionally mature.



Connecting with our body and being capable of focusing on our body sensations assists the process of releasing and healing stored emotional issues. ACT therapy encourages an acceptance of our bodily experience of life. 

Spiritual Life:

The experience of love is fundamental to our well-being and for many people this involves connecting with their inner self. This connection can be a foundation for bringing greater understanding and engagement with life.


There is a point to life; finding our purpose is essential for our wellbeing. ACT therapy allows us to discover our own values and use these to develop a meaningful engagement with others, with our work and with the world. 

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