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Therapy allows you the opportunity to look more deeply at your life. It is not just about ‘fixing’ an issue; we look at what underlies that issue and how it relates to the rest of your life.

As you engage with an holistic therapy method, you will learn how to manage emotions so they don't run your life. To do this you will discover how to process emotions in the body because unless we work at this level, our emotions never actually clear.
We can dismantle patterns you established in childhood during therapy so that you have the freedom to make new choices about how you want to navigate life.
You may want to explore issues of meaning and purpose so you can feel inspired by life and find how you can make your best contribution to the world. Psychology practiced within the framework of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that includes a spiritual dimension allows the space for this level of inquiry.
I will also encourage you to undertake the practice of self-care and self-love. Building self-love as a foundation allows us to bring love to our relationships; and this is so needed in our schools, workplaces and communities.

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