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Video: What types of people come to holistic counselling?

How clients describe myself and my work:


How clients describe myself and my work as a holistic counsellor:
Holistic counselling and therapy are intimate projects and you need to feel safe and accepted as you work with a practitioner. To do this work I have connected to my own inner heart and clients describe me as “supportive” and “compassionate” with an “unwavering love and care”.
At the same time holistic therapy needs to be grounded and free of New Age fluff. So I will be clear and firm as necessary and clients appreciate this; they want a therapy that is “strong”, “truthful” and “insightful”.
But there is plenty of space for fun along the way. Clients find me “cheeky” and “playful” and there is often time for laughter.
Holistic counselling is not about giving anyone answers; it is about encouraging and inspiring people to connect with their own knowing within. I therefore create a space for clients to be “reflective” and find their own way.
As people develop new patterns and ways of being their progress may be “steady” and “solid” but it is also “life-changing”. It is a great investment in your personal, relationship and vocational evolution.


I work as a holistic counsellor with individuals and couples and also as a supervisor for other counsellors and psychologists.