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For many years now my focus has been on providing a bridge between psychology and soulful living.

Cynthia Hickman is a soul psychologist providing holistic counselling. She practises in Melbourne, Australia.


You will enjoy working with me if you are looking for:

  • A soul psychologist with extensive training and years of experience in the field.

  • Someone with an holistic counselling approach who works with the whole human being – mind, body and soul.

  • A person who can attend to spiritual issues by bringing a soulful approach to therapy.


When looking for a holistic therapist we all want the reassurance of knowing the person is qualified with recognised training and a solid background in psychology. I have completed a Masters degree in counselling psychology and have worked for over twenty years in the field. In addition, if we want to inquire more deeply into ourselves and into life then we also need someone who will support us to investigate our inner nature – the life of the soul. This has been the foundation of my work from the very beginning.


Clients describe my work with them as being practical and professional while also being evolutionary and deeply honouring.


To inquire about holistic counselling with Cynthia Hickman phone: 0417 103 018  

Video: Cynthia Hickman talks about her book Return to the Soul

The book, Return to the Soul, is an invitation to engage with life from the perspective of the soul.


Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have pointed to a deeper reality behind the façade of everyday life. Without these deeper understandings, life can seem chaotic, unjust and pointless.


In Return to the Soul I describe this wisdom as it can be lived in everyday modern life. Its message can open us to inspiration and meaning in life-changing ways.


The book is accessible and practical and designed to remind us and affirm that love is the foundation of life and that the access to this love is within us all.

Praise for Return to the Soul

Words would never do justice to the profound experience I had upon reading, Return to the Soul. I had immediately got rid of 63 spiritual/self help books that belonged to me! There was no more use for them anymore. The connection I had with Return To The Soul made it clear it was time to move deeper into my inner most truth. I have read and tried everything under the sun and Return To the Soul was the introduction to my deeper soulful journey and true connection to myself that for many years I had  been searching for. The woman behind this book, Cynthia Hickman is a  inspiration herself in the quality of livingness she brings to her purpose as a soul psychologist and the fact she has written a book that expresses this simply and clearly, making sense to want to bring that depth of connecting to my inner most truth, I could not be more thankful. Return To The Soul introduced me to the path to find my way home and I now I am more inspired than ever to continue to evolve and move deeper on this journey.