I am a soul psychologist providing holistic counselling and psychotherapy. My practise is based in Melbourne, Australia.


You will enjoy working with me if you are looking for:

Someone with a holistic counselling approach who works with the whole human being including the body.

A qualified psychologist with extensive training and years of experience

in the field.

A person who can attend to spiritual issues by bringing a soul-centred approach to therapy.

When looking for soul-centred counselling, you need the reassurance of knowing the person is qualified with recognised training and a solid background in psychology. I have completed a Masters degree in counselling psychology and have worked for over twenty-five years in the field.


If you want to inquire more deeply into yourself and into life, then you also need someone who will support you to investigate our inner nature – the life of the soul. The foundation of my work has always been to provide a bridge between psychology and spirituality.


Clients describe my work with them as being practical and professional while also being evolutionary and deeply honouring.


To inquire more about soul-centred holistic counselling, please call me on: +61 417 103 018