Bringing Spirituality

to Therapy

Video: What is cardiocentric psychology?

There is a soulful approach to life that has existed for centuries and is sometimes referred to as the Ageless Wisdom. Its first proponent was Hermes and the essence of this tradition continued through people such as Patanjali, Pythagoras, Buddha and Christ to name a few. This wisdom is the foundation of spiritual psychology.
The essential component of this tradition says that we all have access to divinity within us. As human beings we need to connect with this source of love within our inner heart. Separation from this source brings suffering in its many forms and so the way towards healing ourselves and humanity as a whole is to reconnect to this source within.
A spiritual psychology inspires people to reconnect to their own source of love within themselves.
Rather than mindfulness, which is very popular at present, spiritual psychology encourages something I call heartfulness, what some call a cardio-centric approach to life.
This means that we engage with life with an attitude of gentleness and compassion so that we develop a loving quality of presence. This quality of presence is naturally healing for our body mind and spirit

What is the difference between mindfulness & heartfulness?