The Really Big Questions

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Children ask a lot of questions about life and the world. And so they should. They need guidance to understand this, sometimes, confusing and chaotic world we live in.

This book talks to children in a language they will understand, about matters they will encounter in life. What it is to be human. How to manage emotions and relationships. How we can contribute to the world.

Cynthia Hickman points to the love and purpose underlying our lives and invites children to bring their best self forward; a self that is intrinsically compassionate and wise and ready to love. That which every child and every adult has within. It just needs to be called forth. Join Cynthia in bringing this invitation and understanding to the children in your life.

Cynthia has practised as a soul psychologist for over twenty-five years, working with individuals and couples as well as presenting to groups. She is passionate about reminding people of their true nature and enjoys seeing the love, the meaning and the purpose that arise within when they reconnect with their soul.

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